Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nurture, nourish, and unwind

Are you feeling keyed up, strung out or overwhelmed? I sure am!  These are intense times...and it feels to me as if  time is hurtling forward like an out of control freight train.  My nerves are frayed and I'm feeling emotionally spent....thinking of the destruction and horrific conditions that Hurricane Sandy left behind and an emotionally charged Presidential election....wow....please it's time for a break.  I stand behind my self care methods and I absolutely and positively support each and every one of you who give so much of yourselves everyday and in so many ways on the home front, at the workplace, at school, in your families, and in your relationships to take some time out to give to yourselves.  We all deserve a break and need to find ways to take care of ourselves.  So it's time to nourish, nurture and unwind!

Here is one way I do this:

I take hot epsom salt baths almost every night.  It is my way of processing the day, washing away my worries, centering myself and preparing myself for sleep.  I simply add 2 or 3 cups of epsom salt to my hot bath water.  Epsom salt can be purchased at any drugstore, K-Mart or grocery store. Here are just a few of the many benefits of Epsom Salts  a.k.a. magnesium sulfate:

  • helps to sedate the nervous system thereby promoting relaxation
  • helps to relax muscles and relieve joint pain
  • helps to draw out toxins as well as reducing inflammation
  • helps to replenish magnesium stores which many of us are deficient in
  • exfoliates and promotes soft skin

I often light candles during my bath. I love the ambiance created by the candlelight. It helps to draw my energy within calming me and helping me to get in touch with my body and my feelings as well as my higher, calmer, more centered self.

I use essential oils in my bath as well.  Some of my favorites are lavender, bergamot, rose, and orange.  These essential oils also help my mood, harmonize my energies and lift my spirit.  Sometimes at the end of my bath I enjoy using an abrasive cloth to exfoliate and stimulate my skin and blood circulation.  And when I get out if I still have energy I oil up with virgin coconut oil ....just a little goes a long way to feed my skin and add oils back in especially heading into winter, the season of dry skin!

My bath ritual is quite sacred to me....I don't usually compromise or pass on it.  My bath is a healing meditation and it is vital to my well being....I don't view this as a luxury but rather an absolute necessity and a crucial part of my health regimen.  It is me time...and my family knows I am not to be disturbed.

            Well I gotta go...... my bath is waiting.
   What healing nurturing rituals do you have that you can share?  

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