Sunday, March 3, 2013

Seasonal Cooking Classes

Last Saturday was my first Seasonal Cooking Class of the year and it was a smashing success!  I had four women attend  and we cooked a lovely,and deliciously, easy meal together.

Getting Started....All the ingredients are arranged and looking colorfully beautiful!
Barb coring the apples for our dessert of Baked Stuffed Apples... with the new and handy dandy apple corer...we all took turns.

Mary Ann and Barb are stuffing the apples with walnuts, dates, almond flour and coconut oil.....getting them ready for baking.

Just finishing! 
Red lentil stew simmering away with onions, garlic, parsnips and kombu.
Checking on the brown basmati rice which is cooking up rather nicely.

Sharon juliennes the granny smith apple to put in the crispy veggie slaw!

Here I am preparing the salad dressing....with simple ingredients...nothing fancy but oh so yummy!

Tossing the veggies to incorporate the dressing.....we have savoy and red cabbage shredded fine, julienned granny smith apple and mung bean sprouts.
OH MY GOODNESSS.....the best oven roasted broccoli ever....the texture was scrumptious not to mention the flavor!

Happily serving it  all up!

Marjorie....happily waiting to eat!

The finished product....Red Lentil Parsnip Stew over brown basmati rice, with roasted broccoli and veggie slaw.  I forgot to take a picture of the baked apples, but they were lady apples just melted in your mouth hot out of the oven.

Next Seasonal Cooking Classes coming up 
Saturday April 27  11am-2pm
 Hold the date!  
Please join us!!!!!!!!

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