Monday, June 25, 2012

New beginnings

I'm really excited and also proud of myself!   Remember one of my last blogs where I said I was feeling like I needed some big changes in my life?... well I acted on those feelings ....and I acted big....or at least big for me. First I had major fun redecorating three rooms in my house and I have my sights on the rest of the house but these 3 rooms were the most doable. One was my sewing room, one of my daughter's room as she has moved out and the third was the garden....Boy was it fun.....traipsing through thrift stores, antique/junk/treasure shops and yard sales...this was very therapeutic and ever so satisfying finding treasures at amazingly bargain prices... I think I could dedicate a whole blog just showcasing all of my finds, perhaps I'll do that in the future.  I am excited to have my sewing room now as I have sewing in my blood and  I dream of opening up an ETSY store to start selling some of the many dolls that are living inside of me...but one endeavor at a time or I get too dizzy. So I got very sentimental after selling my daughter's bedroom was just too many pieces to keep.... I couldn't bear to see her room empty......then from somewhere I got the idea of making her room a very beautiful bohemian lounge/woman's cave/ sanctuary which of course will still be her place to rest when she comes to visit. The way it all flowed and came together was a  truly magical I was preparing this room when actually it almost felt like the room was preparing me....preparing me for what?????

I don't know the full extent of that yet....but what I do know is I absolutely love this is lusciously inviting and has become my crash pad after supper where I You ask....yes I am a student once again.   I am now offically enrolled in Health Coach/Nutrition School!    This is a 12 month course of online study of cutting edge dietary theories and holistic nutrition through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Yay!....I'm so excited to be doing this. This a chance to deepen my education and be of greater service.   So....after a day's work I retreat to the lounge to catch up on my learning modules, phone or Skype a fellow student to exchange health histories.   I'm having fun with Skype looking forward to connecting with students in London and Hawaii as well as the states.  I do alot of research on health and nutrition already and now to have it all organized in a program is just fantastic for me.......Thanks for reading a quick update of  what's new and exciting with me.... I promise to start posting some recipes again soon. Until the next post.....take care and be well,


To the left is a picture of one of my yard sale finds.... an ornate cement elephant/ Ganesh planter....this was $3.00 a remarkable steal. He is now revered and beloved  and filled with purple flowers spilling out .....I see him as Ganesh the Hindu God who clears obstacles for sincere now he resides in my garden blessing our garden and our home and clearing the way and  removing any obstacles so dreams may come true.