Friday, February 22, 2013

Snake Energy Rising

Happy New Year..... again!  This time the lunar New Year exciting the Year of the Snake!  Many of the predictions seen favorable. I am going to summarize the message from Master Hua Ching Ni, Taoist Master of 37 generations.

The Snake symbolizes flexibility and constructive transformation.  A new stage for the world has arrived and opened the possibility for a New Faith, New Life and New Hope. There is Hope for a Universal Agreement in this world despite our many differences. There is Hope that all human cultures can detoxify by removing their conceptual poisons....which means that our cultural belief systems can cause separation between people and can slowly poison humanity and there is greater hope now to transform this. There is Hope for the spiritual purification of all people. We must embrace the basic truth that we are all one life and can now learn to return to Mother Nature.  There is Hope that the future civilization can be led by the Feminine Principle. The feminine (water) principle must be put above the masculine (fire) at this time for the survival of humanity and to form a new culture in the world. It is time to ignore gender differences and allow the Goddess to rescue and support life at this time without fighting or bloodshed.  There is Hope that we learn to embrace all healthy lives just like Mother Nature.  He uses the examples of the Sun, Our Heavenly Father created by Mother Nature and provides the spiritual qualities of generosity, openness, and straightforwardness.  While the moon reflects the Sun and the true femininity that accomplishes all by offering assistance and attention to detail, at the same time being receptive, motherly, sisterly, helpful and caring.  Master Ni emphasizes humanity's need for spiritual cultivation to reach a higher level of development and ensure our own survival.  He talks about Humanity's need to truly embrace the Yin-Yang principle which illustrates mutual existence of opposites which need each other to operate. He says..."Blessings and misfortune are partners in life, and overly extending in either direction invites the other side. "  Master Ni states there is hope that we fulfill the Global Mission and again references the rising of the feminine principle to soften the spiritual condition of the world after the long standing over-expansion of the impulsive male principle.  He further goes on to embrace all spiritual pioneers of every faith and encourages people to propagate the constructive side of their faith and clearing out any narrow-mindedness.  It  truly is a time for deep Universal Spiritual Harmony.

I absolutely love Master Ni's message and I can also see the parallel to what is referred to in Hindu tradition as the Shakti energy... the Feminine energy flowing throughout all of nature.  An image that quickly comes to mind is that of a coiled serpent or the Kundalini located at the base of the spine or the root chakra  a.k.a. the energizing potential of life itself, the living goddess who brings life to all things. As a side note....the feminine principle rising is not a time for women to dis the men....but rather it is a time to work together and to elevate our thinking to take total responsibility for our lives and to bring out the best in each other....It is a new time truly.... It is indeed the time for compassion, collaboration and  the coming together of people all over the globe.  These are amazing times we live in.

It really was a powerful week last week...with it being Mardi Gras, the meteor strike in Russia, the Pope resigning,  the beginning of Lent, immediately followed by Valentine's Day which also brought about the huge V-Day celebration created by Eve Ensler called One Billion Rising or "Strike Dance Rise" the global strike to demand an end to violence against women.  The use of the word strike seems  pretty serpentine to me....and the song and the dance so beautifully compelling and energizing!  Now that's global unity if ever there was.  Here is one of my fave flash mob videos of V-Day......such awesomeness.... watching these younger women beating the drums with such vibrancy and all ages dancing I could have been there!

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