About Lisa

I am a Registered Nurse, a Certified Health Coach and a Lifestyle Educator.  I work with people who need support in making permanent and lasting lifestyle changes to enhance their health so they are able to live their best lives.

I  am especially passionate about providing support to women who are in transition, whether it be perimenopause, major career or relationship changes or women who feel stuck and in need of change and who want to improve the quality of their lives by improving their health and making lifestyle changes. We partner together in a systematic way to achieve permanent and lasting improvements.

I have extensive expertise in the field of weight loss, body composition and stress management.  I use a Wholistic approach incorporating a body/mind/spirit modality revolving around primary and secondary foods. Primary Foods being the ways we are nourished by our relationships, career, our spirituality and the ways we move our bodies, and Secondary Foods being the actual foods that we eat.

I have almost 40 years of experience in the wellness field.  I started on this path as a certified Yoga instructor, I became an RN, specialized in labor and delivery, and worked as a midwife and doula.  I am married and am a mother of three grown children.

Certified as a Lifestyle Educator in FirstLine Therapy  I incorporate this therapeutic lifestyle program into my work.  In addition,  I am certified as a Health Coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  I offer private coaching to individuals, families and groups as well as leading workshops, meet-up groups, and classes in nutrition, healthy cooking, self-care and stress management.  I see people in person here in Charlottesville, Va. and I also work via telephone and Skype.

Thank you for visiting my blog .....I welcome all comments, connections and the dialogue that comes from an interest in living a healthy natural life.

Please contact me through my website http://lisaolko.com or  Click HERE  to schedule a FREE health Consultation!

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