Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Springtime Blessings

Spring blessings to one and all......Has the earth been speaking to you lately? Many say today is the first day of Spring.
I beg to differ. It seems to me that the birds have been heralding Spring since early February when the first bulbs starting poking up through the earth. In the Lunar calendar the first day of Spring is usually sometime in early February and coincides with the Chinese New Year. The Equinox not only signifies when day and not are of equal length but to me it says we are in the middle and that makes total sense as early Feb was about 6 weeks ago However one does not need a calendar to tell when the seasonal energies are changing, all one needs to do is fully engage the senses to feel the changes. I can
always tell by the quality of the birdsong...all of a sudden it is different, the breezes blow differently and so on. By May 1st the trees where I live are usually fully leafed out and are just beginning their summer cycle and I always hear the birds start their trilling birdsong as you would hear in midsummer. By the way....June 21 the summer solstice is also called Midsummer...which tells me summer is half over...... So....just go outside and listen to the sounds, smell the air, feel the breeze, watch the animals....all of these signs will tell you what season it is or what season is coming.

I received this poem by Master Ni and Maoshing Ni in my inbox today and thought it was so beautiful I just had to share it.

Happy Spring Blessings,


When the Universal Mother Speaks to Me

When the Universal Mother speaks to me,
she speaks through the sky, sun, moon and stars.

She speaks through the Earth, oceans, rivers, lakes and streams.
And she speaks through the mountains, trees and meadows.
She speaks to me through all her natural creations.
They all carry her voice.

All of Nature is her utterance.
Each time I stop my busy mind,
my heart overflows with love for her,
like water from a mountain spring, pure and clean.

Without a mother's love,
a child cannot smile and an adult cannot mature.

Mothers are the first to teach love to the lives of the young.
A mother's unconditional love is the foundation of all love.
A mother is the gentle, sweet spirit that
makes unhappiness and worries disappear.

The world is full of suffering
because people do not see the true nature of a mother's love.
They lack insight into the interconnectedness of all beings and things.
The all-pervading love of Nature is the inter-beingness that
connects through and with all.

The beauty of the Hue River embraces and deeply inspires me.
The water of the river, running forever, is
like my love for the world and its people.

Though this river may live outside of me,
I have a life river inside of me.

Though all beautiful waters impress me,
they are but the semblance of the river inside of me.
The river that impresses me most deeply is the river of life.
It has no beginning and it will have no end.
It is always there.

So many streams have entered it,
nourishing and supporting the flow of life.
The river of life is always transforming.
Although its face may change from time to time,
its original purpose is always there,
providing continuous support to all forms of life to grow and thrive.
It is the stream of my life to be more than alive.

When I allow my life to be with Nature's vastness,
I touch deeply each life and each thing I encounter.
I walk mindfully along the path of life and
understand the need to help others who are but
parts of the one, whole being that is inside and outside of me.

There is deep compassion and kind love that
runs forever like the continuous flow of rivers.
My life speaks from the range of its own being
through the deep support of the Mother Universe.

˜ Hua-Ching Ni and Maoshing Ni, Love of Mother Universe, page 202

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Did you ever feel like you've just been awakened from a deep sleep but what
really is happening is you've been too busy for too long and not having the time to do what you REALLY want to do and all of a sudden you come up for a breather and whoosh.....a snippet of inspiration has come and you snatch it and run with it? Well that about sums this post up for me. It's been about a year and a half or more since I've written on this blog I've written many posts in my mind but never was able to get fingers to keyboard.....but here I am now feeling a whoosh of inspiration and I have some time on my hands so here goes.

I've been in a confusing, disorienting and somewhat unsettling developmental stage of my life, I'm going through a growth spurt and at the present moment I want to reinvent the whole of my life. I'm going to change that word from want to need.....This is absolutely necessary for me to move forward in my life. I need to redecorate every room in my house, I need to make some changes in my career, perhaps go back to school even if it is online. I am reevaluating my relationships and the way I react and communicate....I am changing from the inside that a word? This is very exciting to me as I look forward to my bright future and the new me. But what do I do with the time in between?

This is not a new feeling. If we are conscious and aware people we know when we need to make changes. It could be a lack of energy, aches and pains, physical ailments, anxiety, depression, weight gain or maybe you're irritable with your mate, your friends or your kids. You definitely know you must make some lifestyle changes you have inner and outer voices driving this, so what do you do in the present moment when you are still uncomfortable, unsettled, not there yet? This is the time to take action while learning patience. Small steps before big leaps.

After being at the home of a new friend recently, I got very inspired by the way she has her house decorated. She has beauty in every corner, fountains, huge plants, small plants placed in just the right pot and in just the right place. I stopped at Joanne Fabrics and found some beautiful silk flowers to use to decorate. I've always sort of poo-pooed fake flowers...but her use of them is truly I got a beautiful bouquet of luscious reddish, pink roses which I set in a pretty vase and put them in my bathroom....WOW! Aren't they beautiful? The effect is spectacular and it makes me happy every time I look at them. This is a small step on my longer journey. I look forward to the next small step that affirms forward movement.....what small steps can you take to change your lifestyle and move in the direction of your dreams? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below so we can all be re-inspired.

Have a beautiful day!



Stay tuned for a new new favorite addiction.....
until the next post!