Thursday, May 30, 2013


Cicada Medicine

In our part of the country we are presently being visited by the 17 year cicada and their whirring, clamourous sound.  They start early around 5 am and don't quit until night fall.   I am amazed  that the young cicada live in the earth for 17 years then they break through the earth and molt, hatch, sing and mate only to lay eggs that then make their way to mother earth to wait another 17 years. I have actually been feeling mesmerized by their  surround sound and am figuring they are here now for a reason and if they are bringing a message I want to recieve it on one level or another.  One thing the Cicada do bring  to us is their healing medicine.
          In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the cicada exoskeletons are used as a powerful medicine and have several therapeutic actions. ChanTui (Periostracum Cicadae) are used to dispel wind-heat in the body especially from the head or eyes. Cicada are a common ingredient used in formulas that treat early-stage febrile disorders or wind-heat syndrome affecting the throat, such as laryngitis, hoarseness of voice, sore throat, headache and fever.
          Cicada dispels heat from the skin and is commonly used as well for the relief of various dermatological disorders, such as urticaria, rash, eczema, measles, chickenpox and itching.  Another attribute of cicada medicine is its ability to extinguish liver wind and relieve spasms thus helping to relieve muscle spasms, twitching, convulsions and high fever, facial paralysis, post-stroke speech, impairment, tetanus, constant crying in infants and infantile seizures.
         As Cicada medicine relieves  liver wind, the liver opens energy pathways to the eyes  helping to brighten the eyes and relieve superficial visual obstruction, blurred vision, red eyes and excessive secretion of tears.

                           A Fitting Testimonial
         Several years ago, one of our office/herb shoppe assistants was overcome by laryngitis. Paul Olko, our beloved TCM herbalist  wrote her a prescription containing cicada which she promptly prepared and started to take.  By the next afternoon, her voice returned. There is no coincidence that nature provides in the most fitting way to use an insect with a powerful voice to help return someone's voice.

         Enjoy their singing while they are here. They'll only be here for another few weeks before they disappear into Mother Earth once again for another 17 years.

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