Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Magic in the Garden

12/12/12 was a good day. After breakfast I decorated the mantle, then went for a walk where I found some special treasures...two pretty feathers and a heart stone.  I worked a little bit,  pampered myself and got a massage.  At 12:12pm  I went outside to breathe in the good energy of the minute and the date.....you know 12:12 ON 12/12/12! I spent a few minutes in my garden that was newly cleaned of leaves and decorated for the holiday season. I have to say my little garden really feeds my soul. It doesn't get much sun but I can grow flowers and herbs and lettuce and the birds and squirrels love it. I  adore the smell of earth and the untidiness of it all.  It can get pretty wild out there...but today it was awesomely special....it was cold and crisp and slightly windy as the chimes were ringing. The birds were busy and I could see the holes in the soil where the squirrels had been searching for their hidden nuts. I started taking pictures so I could document the beauty I found there, beauty that I had a hand in creating.

It was a magical day and the sunset was breathtaking!  The magic and the beauty really fed my soul. These kinds of days,  and experiences are necessary and provide me with sustenance of a different form.  This is a self care practice that is vital to my health and wellness.  I'd love to hear some of the rituals in your life that provide you with food for your soul.


Unknown said...

WOW magical!! I really felt like I was there reading your words as well as the pictures. Please send more. I am feeling nostalgic especially because I will not be there in person this Christmas to be able to experience The Olko house magic in full. I miss and love you guys everyday!!! kisses. and keep up the inspiring words of wisdom in your blogs.

lisaolko@embarqmail.com said...

dear Gabs, We're going to miss the special gabs magic too this year! Find the magic wherever you go dear daughter!

Sandra (Mom) said...

Love the little garden!!! I remember the times I helped in the garden. God Bless us all.