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Welcome to my new blog!   I've decided to try this new method of communication since it seems like it may work a little bit better than e-mailing....I'm just trying this on for size to see how it compares.   I named my blog TLC for you.....TLC stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes.  TLC also means..... you guessed it....Tender Loving Care!   Isn't that what making
Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes all boils down to anyway?......loving yourself into the best care you can possible give to yourself  on all levels and in all ways!  This is the entire package all rolled up into one!!!!!!! 

Well it's been awhile since I've last written  to you which means life has been pretty busy and pretty fun as well.  I've been doing alot of homekeeping lately getting finances in order, hanging new photos on the wall, exploring how to best use my ipod....which has by the way been a great way to nurture myself and plug into some great tunes and podcasts.....this seems to make all the difference to me....when I don't feel so motivated to do certain tasks like cleaning up after dinner or going for a walk or working out or when I feel particularly stressed I think about the great music that is there waiting for me and voila off I go.....and it is so cool that it is MY music.....noone else's........ that seems to really matter to me.

So I have a few announcements to make............. first of all I am working on creating a weekly yoga class possibly at a beautiful studio downtown still working on this though.....it will most likely be a weekday time.....would love to hear who might be interested in this as I need to make sure this feasible.  I am still planning on teaching the monthly Yoga class and the next one will take place on Saturday May 2 same time same place.....please save the date and give yoga a try if you haven' t already.   Second.....It's spring break at my house so I am postponing this month's Thursday Night Revival until next month......the new date will be Thursday,  May 14th.....please come give this a try as well.  It is FREE!!!!!! and a great way to get inspiration, new ideas and support to boot!

Since we're having such a slow to start  to Spring  this year  I just had to get cooking some soup again so I made some black bean soup that came out really delicious.....and I'm sharing this because it was super easy as long as your pantry holds some canned goods......so here's the recipe.....along with some photos......

                                                       EASY BLACK BEAN SOUP

                                                          1 onion, chopped
                                                          3 cloves garlic, minced
                                                          1 T olive oil
                                                          1 stalk celery, minced
                                                          1 medium carrot, minced
                                                          1 green or red pepper, minced
                                                          1 can organic diced tomatoes
                                                          2 cans organic black beans
                                                          1 vegetable bouillion cube
                                                          5-6 cups water or stock
                                                          1 tsp chili powder
                                                          1 tsp cumin powder 
                                                          salt to taste
                                                          1/2 fresh lime, juiced
                                                          fresh cilantro, chopped for garnish

Heat a soup pot and add the olive oil, onions and garlic.  Cook for a few minutes on medium heat, then add the rest of the veggies and cook for 8-10 minutes stirring frequently.  Add the canned tomatoes, beans, vegetable bouillion cube, stock water and spices.  Cook covered until all veggies are tender about 20 minutes  Add salt to taste.  If it seems too thick add more water.  Before serving squeeze the lime into the soup.  Garnish each bowl with cilantro.




lisaolko@embarqmail.com said...

Hello.....great new Blog!!!!!!

Unknown said...

great blog...I love the recipe!!

Unknown said...

I've known Lisa for 24 years. She's a woman who walks her talk, knows how to cook, and knows more about wellness and health than most folks. She's a living example of getting more gorgeous and wise with the years! I heartily endorse her website and her insight.

Aviva Romm, President American Herbalists Guild, author Natural Pregnancy Book, among other books

lisaolko@embarqmail.com said...

This is a test!

Unknown said...

LIsa - Wonderful! I've signed up to receive new posts to your blog and can't wait for them. I'm so impressed! I will be making that tasty looking Spring Salad this week.


Nancy said...


Nancy said...

Thank you so much for your taking the time to keep this site up and running. You continued support and dedication does not go unnoticed. We appreciated your expertise knowledge,that has been coming our way for the last 28 years. Your understanding of how things work in the body/mind, your tidbits,recipes and your product recommendations have been invaluable. Dana haslost 45 pounds in 5 months.YaHOO!!!! We appreciate you so much.
Peace and success to you, Lisa
In Friendship Always,

Unknown said...

when do we get to see a new blog??